Amir Jamak (CEO)


Amir is a PhD candidate in computer science and has over 15 years of international IT experience in both academia and the IT industry. He has been active as developer, project manager and lecturer, and his areas of interest include microelectronics, algorithms, data mining, mobile communications, and location aware computing, among others. He has taken part in a number of small to large-scale projects spanning up to 4 years. Currently, Amir is leading the Jamax team in delivering high quality Java solutions, worldwide.

Amir is a native Bosnian speaker, and also speaks English, Turkish and Japanese fluently. He is the father of two sons and enjoys nature, mountain biking and traveling.

Feel free to visit Amir's LinkedIn profile  Amir's LinkedIn profile

Nermin Čorbadžić (Software Engineer)


Nermin is a software engineer with a bachelor's degree in computer science and over 3 years of work experience in the software development field. Nermin is always on the lookout for learning new things and ways to improve. As an engineer, Nermin's passion is to create things that will make people's lives easier. This is one of the reasons he loves working on projects that are useful and create convenience for the end-user.

Nermin enjoys listening to indie electronic music and oldies. He is a snowboarding and mountain biking enthusiast and loves eating extremely spicy food.

Mirza Metiljević (Software Engineer)


Mirza is a software engineer with a bachelor's degree in Engineering and Information Technology. He has over 3 years of work experience in the IT field. Mirza likes to research new technologies and develop his knowledge. He is a team player and loves collaborating on projects with his teammates and sharing of his own knowledge.

Mirza is a native Bosnian speaker and also speaks English and Turkish fluently. He loves skiing, snowboarding, white water rafting, fishing and enjoys eating good food.

Muhamed Huseinbašić (System Administrator)


Muhamed is system administrator with over 3 years of experience with various technologies in IT field. Currently, he is interested in Linux system administration, Linux system performance monitoring and improvement, as well as automation and networking. He is always open for new challenges and enjoys learning new things and spending time with industry experts.

Muhamed's native language is Bosnian, but he also speaks English and Arabic. Besides Linux, he loves swimming, hiking and reading.

Nedžad Osmanlić (Software Engineer)


Nedzad is a software engineer with a degree in Electrical Engineering. He has work experience in both electrical and software engineering. He is now focusing on information technologies, gaining new knowledges and experiences. In his free time he tries to make inovations in electrical engineering. He likes to work in a team and to share his knowledge.

Nedzad enjoys riding his bike and treking in mountains. He loves to spend his time in nature and to read books.

Ramiz Korda (Software Engineer)


Ramiz is a Java developer, with 3 years of experience in both development and insurance. He has bachelor's degree in Engineering and Information Technology. He's a native Bosnian speaker, but also speaks English and Turkish fluently. Ramiz is a great football fan, so his free time, he spends supporting FC Zeljeznicar.

He is a great team player at work with a healthy dose of competitive spirit, but also outside of the office in sports he enjoys; such as are pool and table tennis.

Berin Tabaković (Software Engineer)


Berin is a software engineer with a master's degree in telecommunications. Always looking for ways to improve his knowledge and skills, he is currently enjoying Java development for almost one year. Drink of choice, for Berin, is always tea and his favourite activity is running late at night while listening to good music.

For fun, he likes watching football, especially when his favourite team Zeljeznicar is winning.

Lejla Džeko (Software Engineer)


Lejla is a Junior Web Developer with Bachelor's degree in Information Technology, with 3 years of experience in IT world. She likes working with various range of web technologies and she has great interest in Artificial Intelligence. Currently she is learning about Fuzzy Logic where she's looking for ways to use it in Web Development.

Apart from being fluent Bosnian and English speaker, currently she is learning Spanish. When out of office, she enjoys winter sports, traveling and gastronomy.

Haris Memović (Software Engineer)


Haris is a Junior Java Developer with 2 years of experience in many fields. He just graduated as a Bachelor of Information Technology, so he is actively seeking for new things to learn. Haris is also native Bosnian speaker, but he also speaks fluent English and Android. He shares great passion for Android, Java development and graphic design, where he is the man we ask for advice when buying a new phone. Fixing and improving phones is also his main hobby.

When he's not around phones, Haris likes games and social events.