Maximum Efficiency

Hiring Jamax for your project means:

Prompt Communication
Fluent English speaking experts are available on-demand to discuss your project issues.
Safe Outsourcing
Failure is not an option. Check out our proven development methodology to understand why.
Responsible and Professional treatment
Your code is safe in our hands. We are committed to protecting your intellectual property and ensuring data integrity.
High Quality Outcome
Project deliverables are guaranteed to satisfy your expectations. We invite you to read our customer testimonials for more information.

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Maximum Control

The ultimate goal of any software development project is to deliver high quality and functional software, on time. To meet this goal, Jamax Development Team adopted a development process that evolved over several years of experience. We strive to use agile methodologies during the development process, and the software we deliver is tested before delivery. Some of the tools that we rely on are:

  • Jira for project management
  • GIT/SVN for source control
  • Sonar for source code quality
  • Jenkins for continuous integration

Jamax gives you maximum control over project flow by giving you access to all development systems, and letting you fully participate in the development process.

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Maximum Quality

Test-driven development is a part of our doctrine, and we measure java code coverage by Cobertura, Jacoco and similar tools. We deliver code that complies with coding standards defined by Sonar metrics, such as code quality, etc. You are encouraged to set the code quality thresholds as an acceptance test for your project. The development process at Jamax forces the developers to stick with the highest coding standards while implementing actual requirements.

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Maximum Organization

The development cycle is divided into one or more sprints. Each sprint is split into doable requirement chunks: Tasks. We rely on Jira and plug-ins for the Agile infrastructure and project management. Each task requires one or more commits to the code repository (SVN, GIT) to implement the actual task requirement.

Each commit triggers a job on our Continuous Integration (CI). Each CI job runs the complete project build and checks if the build is destabilized, i.e. if the commit contains some code that cannot compile, or if there are failing tests. An unstable build triggers a red alert and CI sends an email to the team demanding build stabilization ASAP. This feature protects against commits with non-compiling code, and code that is not passing existing tests.

If the build is stable, the next step is the Sonar code quality check. Sonar with plug-ins performs a series of tests. The most important one is the coverage test. If the code is not covered with tests at least 50%, the build will fail. This feature forces developers to cover their new code with tests immediately.

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Maximum Expertise

Our founding mission is to deliver high-quality, exceptional service with enthusiasm, reliability and professionalism. This guiding principle has been the cornerstone of our success. Jamax is a young and dynamic IT company focusing mainly on Java-related technologies. We are located in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina and employ an exceptionally talented, enthusiastic and diligent team of developers. Our goal is to provide customized solutions for all your needs.

Our technological experience along with the experts educated around the globe enables you to outsource your Java project with maximum Expertise.