Welcome to Jamax Jobs Page

Do you want to be a part of our Jamax team? We are looking for individuals with the following values:

Working at Jamax is all about IT challenges with tight deadlines. Success is closely related to your dedication. Are you ready to give your maximum at work?
Enthusiasm is the keyword for progress. Are you a motivated person? Can you motivate other team members with your energetic performance?
We pay special attention to a gratifying work environment. All employees are expected to develop a positive attitude towards work.
Your ideas are highly appreciated! Express your talents and creativity freely, and expect your ideas come to life.
Solving technical problems requires decisions. Are you able to work independently, and think proactively?
IT is constantly evolving. Are you willing to constantly learn about new technologies and improve your skills?
Can you function as a part of a team? Are you ready to share your knowledge with others?
Do you want to work in a well-organized environment? Here at Jamax we tend to utilize the latest development methodologies.
Jamax means high quality. No matter what you do, you are expected to do it 100%. No shortcuts or cutting corners.
The development process at Jamax leaves no room for errors. Your work will be constantly evaluated against the highest standards.

If you are still reading this and you believe you have these values, you are welcome to submit your CV with contact info.