Sales representatives for US, EU, and Australia

Jamax Dart Target

Jamax is looking for talented sales representatives for US, EU, and Australia.

Do you have connections in a company doing java development looking for an expansion of their software team?
Are you an entrepreneurial project lead looking for a development individual or team for the project?
Perhaps you have no tech skills, but you have a billion dollar idea waiting to be implemented?

Use your IT background, leads, contacts, talent, and experience to fill well-oiled software development machine with new projects and clients, and take a percent of payments we receive.

You should able to:
advocate benefits of IT outsourcing and remote work
highlight our advantages on the market
bridge the gap of our remote location
demonstrate our products and services to the customer
participate in the development process and add value to provided services
communicate with the client and join the meetings during the project

Jamax Hands

Get any kind of custom training or support in order to help finding new customers:
one-on-one custom trainings
strong technical and managerial backup
existing or customized marketing materials
We fit all sizes! Sell us using our flexible hiring models:
Hourly Based Developer: ideal for short-term projects and simple tasks.
Dedicated Developer(s): extend a team with additional developers easily.
Dedicated Developer Team: not just a bunch of developers, hire a well-oiled development machine.
Fully Outsourced Development: Take the maximum out of our resources. You imagine, we implement.

	Jamax Code Ship

Who are we?

Jamax is an established, dynamic, and flexible IT company focusing mainly on Java-related technologies. We are located in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina and employ an exceptionally talented, enthusiastic and diligent team of developers. Services we offer include:

custom software development,
IT consulting,
technical support and administration.

What do we do?

Jamax has continued to deliver high quality offshore IT services since 2010. As a team we have been engaged on a number of projects by various companies, which can also be seen in our portfolio. Our focus is mainly on Java and related technologies:

backend: Java, Spring, Hibernate etc
frontend: html5/css3, JavaScript, jQuery, AngularJs etc
big data and databases: hadoop stack, postgres, mysql etc
scripting languages: python, ruby etc
mobile applications: android, iOS, etc

Jamax Gears

Yet, we have no problems with learning and switching to new technologies. We strive to use agile methodologies during the development process, and the software we deliver is tested before delivery. Some of the tools that we rely on are:

Jira for project management
GIT for source versioning
Sonar for source code quality
Jenkins for continuous integration

Test-driven development is part of our doctrine, and we measure java code test coverage. The development process at Jamax forces developers to stick with the highest coding standards while implementing actual requirements.

What do we want?

We are looking for new clients in US, EU, and Australia. There is a huge demand for custom software development in Java, which is what we offer with highest quality and competitive prices.

What do we not want?

We do not want to work on projects related to gamble or adult industries.

Jamax Code Glasses

Our promise

We understand the importance of your role for our business, and we want to make and keep some promises to you

We will be honest with you
No lies about deadlines
We will not deliver bad quality software
We will address promptly all your inquiries
We will pay you on time


Interested in this deal? Submit your proposal to the following [link]. We will organize an interview with all interesting candidates.

Make sure you answer these questions in your applications:
Have you had any similar cooperation in the past? If you have, how was your experience?
How do you envision this cooperation? What are your requirements?
Do you have any ready projects for us, or you are planing to search for them?