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Python Developer - Ended

Jamax Devs Wheel

We are hiring a full-time software developer to become a part of our team in Sarajevo. The developer will join a team to work on an ongoing project for our client in Australia.

Join a team of experienced developers and quickly become an important part of it.
Be a part of an entrepreneurial oriented company and learn what it takes to grow a successful business.
Improve your coding skills and learn new technologies.
Work in an organized environment devoted to agile methodologies.
Be excited about your work and the people you work with and look forward to coming to work every day.
Work at your own pace, we have flexible working hours.
Must have: Linux, strong backend programming skills (possibly Python), SQL
Desirable: Data processing architectures, PostgreSQL, Regex, Hadoop and Go-lang
Nice to have: Java, HTML5, CSS3, Ruby and Scala
Developer profile
You should be a dedicated, motivated developer who can speak out their mind on software and development habits
You should proactively propose solutions without restrictions
You should be familiar with environment tools and middleware like Eclipse, Git, Jira, Jenkins, SonarQube, Hibernate and Apache
You should be able to work with complex frameworks and APIs and develop complex business logics
You should have good documentation writing and editing skills in English
You should be fluent in spoken English
You should be comfortable with remote work
You should be able to work effectively and efficiently in a team.
Personal qualities
Curious: a good developer gets informed and shares knowledge and findings
Passionate: a good developer is involved in producing the best possible code
Rigorous: a good developer is precise and methodically organized
Lazy: a good developer always seeks the shortest way to do things, to automate them
Empathetic: a good developer knows how to put him/herself into somebody else’s place, especially the users’ or other developers’
A list of your previous experience with contact details to check,
Certifications, diplomas, references, recommendations and similar,
Foreign language certifications,
Proof of your experience with Linux and programming
Application submission deadline: Friday, September 1, 2017.
We will organize an interview with short-listed candidates.
Start of work is planned as soon as possible.
Submit your application to the following [link].