Mountain Quad Tour

Jamax Teambuilding Quad Tour Team

Exploring the beauty of mountain Bjelasnica on a quad was this year’s team building.

After stunning Una we decided to see beautiful nature of our mountains. We found out that Tarčin Forest Resort has ideal extreme quad tour to Lukomir-Bjelašnica. Before we started our quad tour, we had a breakfast at MGallery hotel in Tarčin Forest Resort which offers great indoor and outdoor facilities. After a very delicious breakfast, our tour guide showed us how to ride quad, because some of us have never tried it.


Our first destination was Lukomir, the highest inhabited place in Bosnia. The ride through forests, over mountain streams and roads, up to the highest village was very fun and full of adrenaline. We had to drive for more than 2 hours to Lukomir, so it was the best place for resting and having lunch.


After great homemade food and coffee, it was time to go back. On the way back, we saw some other interesting places and villages on Bjelašnica. We all enjoyed in the ride surrounded by forests, hills, crystal-clear water and cold fresh mountain air. It was a great combination of peaceful nature and adrenaline ride.

Quad Tour Team