Jamax Team Dinner

Jamax Kibe Sweet Mix

We are not only coders, we are also food experts. The Jamax development team is meeting at Kibe Restaurant for a developer dinner full of delicious food and drinks. Dinner was organized in the honour of the marriage of one of our colleague.

It started like every another Friday morning at the our office, smell of coffee and sleepy developers moving around. But there was something that was different, at least in the heads of developers. Even sleepy, everybody had one thing in subconsciousness, and that was upcoming team building. Team was planning to have a dinner in one of the best restaurants at Sarajevo city. Everybody heard about Kibe restaurant but no one of the team members has visited it yet. They all have been excited, but there was only one problem, how to wait all the day?

Jamax Kibe Sahans

Clock was showing 18:00, when developers started to meet in the front of the famous restaurant. Big smile, happiness and patience are three things noticeable at every face. From entrance till the inside of the restaurant, everything looked fantastic!!! It was amazing. After we settled, few minutes later, on the suggestion of the waiter, they served us their best food. Mission begins. We started doing what we know best, we used our hands, but this time we put our hands on the delicious food, not the keyboards. Through the conversation, with food and drinks we spent almost two hours in there.

Finaly mission acomplished, by eating few different cakes (so called combination).