Jamax Team Among the First Through the Neretva River

Jamax Team Rafting Rapids

We used rafting as team building activity to develop trust among your employees. We believe, the trust is a critical component to business, especially when teamwork is required on a daily basis to achieve objectives and grow companies.

Can you imagine any better way to build trust among your employees than having a day of rafting with them. Rafting is a kind of activity where every member must give his best, must trust to other team members, increase collaboration and communication with others. Going through the river is risk your life, we have used it to make our team stronger.

Jamax Team Rapids

All of the guides had a very relaxed but confident and professional personality with the groups, and our guide, was no exception. He was absolutely phenomenal! He exuded a sense of calm and zen that instantly quieted any nerves we had about the experience. Going through some rapids was exciting and fantastic at the same time.

Jamax Team Rafting Start

The rafting itself was immensely fun. The peaks and valleys of calm waters and crazy rapids made for a truly fantastic day. You weren't getting thrashed about for hours at a time, there was plenty of time to relax and enjoy the absolutely gorgeous scenery, but there was still plenty of excitement to be had.

Jamax Neretva Rafting Beauty

From start to finish this was a trip to remember and we are really grateful to our management and all the good people at "Džajića buk" for making it happen.