Fox in a Box Room Escape

Fox in a Box 4.jpg

Jamax Team Pulled a Classic Jason Statham Bank Job at Fox in a Box Room Escape!

After a fun and exciting team building at the bowling arena, Jamax team decided to go for a different type of adventure. We chose a Room Escape style of team building and gentlemen at Fox in a Box provided just the thing we needed. On January 28, a fresh Saturday morning, Jamax team arrived at Mr. Fox's premises not knowing the mystery that had awaited us.

The hosts received us with warm hospitality and introduced us to two room escape games explaining what the games are and giving us some standard pointers and rules of playing. The team was divided into two groups of five, both of which were tasked with different room escapes. Teams were afterwards sent to each room and that's where the fun began!

The Bank Job was an experience unlike any team task ever, as each of us contributed to different parts of the game, often to different steps in solving a single puzzle, and the puzzles were never ending! The second room escape, Mr. Fox's secret agent training was a completely different type of a story. Geography and math knowledge came into play as we solved one puzzle after another, even portraying a stock professor Langdon at one of the puzzles.

As both teams did an excellent job, Fox in a Box Facebook page shared our excitement on their wall.

After both teams completing each of the games, we had coffee while discussing on what our next team building will be, as we were stunned by how awesome the room escape was. Located at the Sime Milutinovića 15, Fox in a Box is at the heart of Sarajevo Old town and it provides just the fun one would expect from it. In conclusion, Mr. Fox's Room Escape is a must for people who are team players and like a bit of mystery every now and then.

Any adventurers with likes for mystery can find Mr. Fox here.