Bowling Night


Besides developing great systems, Jamax team is interested in many other things. In addition to those already tried, we are constantly trying to broaden our horizons by experiencing something new. This time we went bowling and had a great team building.

On the 23rd of December Jamax team went to Juan Antonio Samaranch (formerly Zetra) Olympic Hall for some bowling. During the day excitement was growing among those who were planning to try out this activity.

For the majority it was the first time to bowl, but there were those with a lot of experience among the participants as well. At 6 PM the first ball rolled and sounds of laughter, but the disappointment as well (not every shot was a strike), could be heard.

On the bowling lanes

At the end of tiring two-and-a-half-hour period exhaustion and pain (caused by muscle fever) could be seen on some faces. But no matter that, everyone was happy and satisfied. As a conclusion, bowling was a great team-building experience and it grew our relationships.