Bancstac 2020 Hackaton


First Jamax/Bancstac Hackaton

We take team buildings seriously, and usually you can find us on a fast river rafting or racing to the top of the mountain on ATVs. Due to the Covid 19 situation, this year made us think about a different adventure to do, a bit less active but nevertheless fun and exciting.

This Tuesday we organised our first online Hackaton. We needed a break from our everydays projects and to make it even more interesting, we chose technologies we never encountered before. The entire team took a day off from their regular job and turned into full dev beasts ready to solve this challenge. We spiced that with coffee, chocolate, energy drinks and a bit of Bancstac swag.

Swag Bags

The primary goal was to have fun and reconnect with our colleagues, but we have to admit that we are proud of the team work and expertise shown here. The teams have proven that they don’t have to be in the same room to excel, but we do hope our next adventure will join us once again!  

Swag Bags

Congratulations to all the teams! Stay safe and love technology!