Airsoft on Igman

Airsoft Igman 1

Or how to train your own kill squad and make them love the gun

In the offices of there was a hard working team... working hard. A new tembuilding experience was supposed to happen soon and as we looked at each other we knew exactly what we needed. And we needed a semi-automatic, spring-powered rifle that can shoot 5mm BB bullets 100m/s, a big forrest terrain on a 1500m altitude Olympic mountain and to just shoot at each other for 2-3 hours. A perfect way of letting go of our build up frustrations and emotional baggage we've been carrying around...and the masses rejoiced.


We got there pretty early so we were welcomed by the soothing sounds of Meho Puzic (a bona fide national treasure) blasting trough the tv over our morning coffee. We quickly got strapped in the camo gear and picked our blood weapon of choice. Soon enough we were crawling, running, crouching, and having a blast, while blasting each other trying to look as skillful as we could.


It was chaos reincarnated. Bullets were flying, there were loud noises, screams all around. You could feel the mud, the nerves, and the adrenaline pumping. It was you, your gun and your teammate next to you. The feeling of looking into his eyes as he was getting shot and having to tell him it will all be ok, that he just needs to sit out next 5 minutes and can come back again. The joy of making your first shot, and the pain soon after when the more experienced players fired 32 straight bullets into your knees. Bonds were made that day that will last a life time.


Aftermath of the carnage at Igman was a home cooked, gluten free, spicy bowl of beans, some laughs, some bruises and thoroughly joyful experience.

Prime teambuilding adventure right there.